A New Mobility Concept
in the City

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What do we

Fleet Monitoring & Control

Our SaaS is modern and cool.
We monitoring & control your Fleet in Real-Time with our Software

Easy to use

Download our App for Android & iOS, register as new user and start driving or controlling your fleet!

Clean & Safe

Sustainable vehicles and SaaS to bring functioanal safety onboard. Take a look at our Fleet Manager SaaS

A new Sharing the City was missing!

Rent an electric Van around to work with your preferred customer in town center or moving your stuff

Our Key Values

Customer Experience

Create a profile easily with us and start enjoying a new concept of electric mobility with Movildrive.

Electrical Moves

Recharge your vehicle's battery at any time, depending on your Subscription Plan and services needs

Fleet Monitoring

Monitoring the vehicle's hearbeat will increase your fleet's safety by predicting upcoming maintenances and inspections.